A Prayer For President Trump

Lord, have mercy on us. In humility, we pray for our leader. On this, his first morning as president-elect of the United States, we pray for Donald J. Trump to awaken with a sense of your presence and of the gravity of the task before him. We pray for his heart to be pierced, as yours was, for people made in your image. As more people rush to feed his ego and consolidate his power, we pray for him to escape the temptations of a hardened heart and self-reliance. We pray for him to embrace your example of leadership: not to consider equality with you something to be grasped, but to take the posture of a servant.  

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, we pray for President Trump to be an agent for unity in our country. Because you are the model of perfect unity, we pray to you to bring reconciliation between races, classes, parties, and philosophies that have fractured our nation. Please heal us — our people and our president — from our self-inflicted wounds. We pray for President Trump to escape the temptation of enforcing uniformity in favor of the beauty of enabling unity.  

Prince of Peace, we pray for rest from striving — for healing from a political season that has left us bludgeoned and exhausted. With our enemies, we pray for peace even more than triumph. With our allies, we pray for peace even more than prosperity. With our countrymen, we pray for peace even more than vindication. For our president, we pray for peace that transcends cultural understanding. We pray for peace that enables stability, protects freedom, ensures justice, engenders trust, and ushers us closer to your eternally peaceful kingdom.  

Merciful God, we pray for hearts to flourish in faith from the White House to each of our homes. As President Trump wrestles with world-changing decisions and the fog of leadership, we pray for a growing assurance of your presence and providence. Give us eyes to see you and hearts to know you.  

God of love, we pray for a new miracle of American love. We pray for love displayed in Washington, in Hollywood, in our churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods. We pray for a love that embodies fierce loyalty, tender compassion, virtuous restraint, healthy truth-telling, and self-giving sacrifice. We pray for our “othering” to turn to understanding. In our hearts, our streets, and our leaders, we pray for love that conquers fear. 

God, you are good. You delight to bring us good gifts. As we follow the command of Romans 13, we trust in your goodness to us. And we pray that that goodness will be displayed in the leadership of the man you have established to lead us. May his greatest legacy, our greatest good, and your greatest glory be one.