BOOK REVIEW: In God We Trust?

Last month, my friend Mike Goldsworthy offered us his thoughts on Jesus and politics. Last weekend, I read his book on that topic: In God We Trust?: When the Kingdom of God and Politics Collide. It’s a collection of sermons about how Christ-followers should relate to governing authorities and cultural assumptions. Mike doesn’t back down from topics like fear, unity, abortion, poverty, power, racism, and bias. In fact, the book’s preface is more like a warning that every reader — regardless of political bent — is likely to be offended in the pages that follow.  

The ideas in this book are important for every informed Christian to grasp, especially in an election year as rambunctious as this one:

  • Fear has no place in the Christian worldview 
  • Power corrupts both the believer and the unbeliever 
  • How Christians promote moral living and human flourishing matters as much as that we promote it 
  • Unity in the church is important 
  • We have a legacy of right living in inhospitable cultures, and we would do well to remember it 

In God We Trust? is a very quick read at only 114 pages. Mike writes in a conversational style that sounds very much like a transcript of his sermons. This isn’t inkhorn prose. But the ideas are important, biblical, and solidly-expressed.

Before you post another political meme online, read this book.