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A Lesson From Luther

Our temptation when seeing these external cultural shifts is to bemoan the hand we’ve been dealt — to insist that the godless culture or the technological wizardry is set against us. And here we might learn from Luther’s wisdom. The target for Luther’s reform was internal. He didn’t write about 95 things that were wrong with German politics or modern science. Luther insisted on confronting the failures of his ecclesial brethren, not the influence of his progressive neighbor. 

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The Beginning Of Politics

The story of the birth of politics in Israel isn’t about God favoring one form of government. It isn't about democracy or communism or the Redcoats. The message here is that government is not where we should put our trust. We must trust God for the things that government wants to provide, rather than trusting government for the things that God wants to provide.

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The rise of SBNR is, no doubt, a backlash against the prevalence of RBNS. But the way forward is not to abandon either religion or spirituality. The most healthy approach to abuse is not an opposite kind of abuse. It is balance: faith and form together, devotion and ritual, church and piety so that both blossom into their full meaning.  

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