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On Notre Dame and Sacred Spaces

That is why the invitation extended to us by sacred spaces is so important. The reverent hush of an empty room and the flickering light of an altar candle speak to us on a spiritual level.

Churches are more than civic groups, and their buildings are more than lecture halls. At their best, churches are what the Celts called thin places, holy sites where the distance between heaven and Earth seems wispy and transparent. Places where one can imagine a divine finger reaching down in complement to humankind's dusty stone attempts to reach up.

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Ministry By Menu

This is, in fact, the model they use to meet all of their basic needs — food, clothing, shelter — they make their selection from a menu of goods and services. Even in industries whose purpose is caring for the needy, they have to advocate for themselves. They have to make sure they aren’t overcharged or underprescribed. They use menus and vendors and customer reviews to get what they want. So is it any wonder that they come to church and expect the same dynamic? 

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