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How To Read the News

Good journalism should help readers make sense of the world. It should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. It should expose the truth no matter how offensive that truth is. Aren’t those exactly the things good ministry does as well? If we’ll learn to be savvy news consumers, we’ll be better equipped to engage and influence the culture around us.

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Planned Parenthood, Atticus Finch, & The New York Times

Regardless of what you think of abortion, of Planned Parenthood, of the Center For Medical Progress, or of undercover videos, this week’s revelations can only confirm that Planned Parenthood is not built on any integrity that makes for a hero. The organization thousands of women are trusting with their health care is not to be trusted. And a newspaper who will sideline fairness and balance to defend the indefensible may not be either.

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