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Ministry By Menu

This is, in fact, the model they use to meet all of their basic needs — food, clothing, shelter — they make their selection from a menu of goods and services. Even in industries whose purpose is caring for the needy, they have to advocate for themselves. They have to make sure they aren’t overcharged or underprescribed. They use menus and vendors and customer reviews to get what they want. So is it any wonder that they come to church and expect the same dynamic? 

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Upside Down

By all accounts, Jesus did not have a successful ministry. Jesus didn’t build his platform, he dismantled it. Jesus didn’t defend his rights, he surrendered them. Jesus didn’t gain influence, he squandered it. His insistence on adopting the marginalized earned him a place on the margins. His upside-down story left him bleeding, betrayed, and alone. 

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