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How To Read the News

Good journalism should help readers make sense of the world. It should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. It should expose the truth no matter how offensive that truth is. Aren’t those exactly the things good ministry does as well? If we’ll learn to be savvy news consumers, we’ll be better equipped to engage and influence the culture around us.

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Shootings, Outrage, and the Book of Job

In every case of recent national tragedy — Dallas, Orlando, Charleston, Ferguson, Baltimore, San Bernadino, and on, and on — our national mourning has been cut short. Rather than respectful silence, our modern Bildads have shown a news-cycle-driven eagerness to be the first to speak. And the blather is crippling us emotionally. Our nation is not closer to solutions and no better for the blaming. The violence is bad enough. Our words only keep the wounds from healing.

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