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How To Read the News

Good journalism should help readers make sense of the world. It should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. It should expose the truth no matter how offensive that truth is. Aren’t those exactly the things good ministry does as well? If we’ll learn to be savvy news consumers, we’ll be better equipped to engage and influence the culture around us.

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The rise of SBNR is, no doubt, a backlash against the prevalence of RBNS. But the way forward is not to abandon either religion or spirituality. The most healthy approach to abuse is not an opposite kind of abuse. It is balance: faith and form together, devotion and ritual, church and piety so that both blossom into their full meaning.  

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What High School Debate Nerds Can Teach America

Most of the people I encounter are only interested in hearing and repeating arguments for their side. Liberals wouldn’t be caught dead listening to Dennis Prager, and conservatives have a permanent block on Mother Jones. There aren’t many Christians reading the Quran, nor Hindus going to Bible Study. Rare is the citizen who shows genuine interest in a viewpoint not his own.

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